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Online Poker Casinos – Best Poker Online Real Money Sites

Online Poker TipsThroughout the gaming industry, online poker sites remain some of the most popular in the world. Whether you want to play online poker real money NZ, or for fun, there’s a poker site that can cater to you.

But first, you might want to get a working online poker strategy, tips, and an insider edge. So, we’ve created this guide to help start playing with online poker tournaments, rooms, and virtual games. Also, we’ll give you our best ways to find sites that offer real money gambling legally.

When you’re done, try some of our top-rated poker online sites with special offers so you can win real money quickly.

Online Poker NZ Casinos


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Online Poker Real Money NZ

As we mentioned above, Online Poker has many variations. Online poker today can have themes, or different rules depending on the version. Listed below are some of the most popular Online Poker variants.

Texas Hold ‘Em

By far, one of the most popular versions of Online Poker, Texas Hold Em, was first played in Texas in the 1900s. This version is popular at poker tournaments and among professional players. This is because of the high stakes and betting rules.


Omaha Online Poker is similar to Texas Hold ‘Em, but players are dealt four cards instead of two in the first round. Players can use seven cards to make a hand in Omaha poker. As always, the highest-ranking card wins.

Seven Card Stud

This version of poker is different from the outset. In Seven Card Stud, players have to place a bet called the ‘ante’ before the game starts. Additionally, some cards will be dealt face up or down, which will be used to make the final hand. For the showdown, players must make the highest-ranking five-card hand win.

Other Online Poker versions

Most versions of Online Poker at casinos are based on the three versions above. Each of these versions is played with real money wagers, though many casinos also offer free to play versions.

All of our recommended casinos will have a free play mode, as well as live dealer poker games. Free play poker helps gamblers to find their feet with different poker versions or to familiarize themselves with the rules of the game. Some other poker versions include:

Best Online Poker Games

Poker Online Hand Rankings

The table below outlines the card rankings for Online Poker. These cards are ranked from highest to lowest, and start with Ace, followed by the face cards and numbered cards.

We recommend familiarising yourself with these card values while learning how to play poker:

0Five of a KindThe 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace of one suit
1Straight/Royal FlushFive cards in sequence and matching suit
2Four of a KindFour cards with the same value
3Full HouseOne pair and three of a kind
4FlushFive cards of the same suit
5StraightAny five cards in a sequence
6Three of a KindThree cards with the same value
7Two PairsTwo sets of pairs
8One PairTwo cards with the same value
9No Pair/High CardWhen no other hand is held, the card with the highest face value will lead the hand. Ace being the highest and two being the lowest.

Online Poker Strategy and Game Rules

A few general rules to remember when playing Online Poker are listed below:

  • Players must call, fold, check or match bets in each betting round.
  • Players must try to create the best hand out of the cards available to them, including their hand and community cards.
  • All cards of the hand determine a winner.
  • A player may call, no matter how many chips they have in their stacks.
  • The highest-ranked hand will always win in Poker.
  • If a player loses or folds, they cannot claim their bets back.
Online Poker Chips Cards

Tips & Tricks

A few tips for Online Poker games are below, as well as strategies players can test out while learning the game.

  • Memorise the rules and card ranks for the variant of Online Poker is played. This will allow players to make faster decisions and improve the game experience.
  • Use the free play option to practice the game on desktop or mobile until the game is familiar to a gambler.
  • Being comfortable with the game will allow players to focus on the game and learn strategies from other players.
  • Make use of live game footage and tutorials to see how professionals play; this will be helpful to develop personal strategies.
  • Gamblers should ensure that all software and hardware available to them on any device can support a good game.
  • Players should play last if the option is offered. This will help players to make decisions once all other players have, and give them insights on other strategies.
  • Gamblers should also make notes after each game to see which plays worked and which didn’t to prevent the same mistakes in each game.
Online Poker Table

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Online Poker FAQs

Can I play poker online for real money?

Of course, and you have plenty of opportunity to win real money at JokaRoom Casino.

Can you play poker online with friends?

Yes, and there are hundreds of poker rooms that can cater to at least six of you.

What is the best online poker site?

After carefully reviewing multiple sites, we can confidently say that Mr Green is the best.

What is the best free online poker site?

Any of the sites we recommend offer New Zealand players free games.

Is online poker legit?

Yes, if you choose a reputable site with a legitimate casino license.

Where do the pros play online poker?

Most pro poker players prefer to try their luck on World Series of Poker, since they can win bigger pots.

Can I play poker on my phone for real money?

Yes, and the apps are optimised for every mobile device, so you can enjoy playing free or real money poker anytime anywhere.